EPISODE 2: Bitcoin safe Haven? with Danish Chaudhry

In this episode of our new video podcast BlockSpeak 2, we speak to the garrulous Danish Chaudry about Bitcoin being a safe haven after stock markets have crashed.

Chaudry runs the Bitcoin.com exchange and is the perfect position to see nuanced changes when it comes to people dealing in cryptocurrencies.

While he notes that Bitcoin’s price has also fallen as Covid-19 decimates stock exchanges before its inevitable sweep across the world’s global population, it has proved itself to be more robust than traditional fiat exchanges.

Chaudry is extremely experienced in the crypto sector having previously been at Skycoin and his stories about spending time with controversial crypto figure John McAfee off the coast of North Carolina at the start of 2019 are enough to make the eyes water.

Not many people can say that they survived a week ‘recreationally’ with McAfee and he is happy to light off the lid of the many myths that surround a man who once threatened to cut off his own cock if Bitcoin didn’t reach a certain price by the end of 2019.

Fortunately for McAfee and according to Chaudry, the former’s appendage is still in place, but unlike the unfortunate story of John and Lorena Bobbitt, he didn’t need to have his reattached. Such are the stories of crypto.

Chaudry is a veteran speaker at many crypto events around the world and is an excellent and clear raconteur. In this exclusive interview with BlockSpeak, his stories extend past the  surreal world of John Mcafee and more interesting areas including his relationship with all of the world’s crypto figures, not least his boss and Bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver.

He’s also a strong believer in the power of crypto and speaks like the visionary he appears to be. A fantastic episode of BlockSpeak 2, now available on all major podcast platforms, including others such as Spotify.

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