EPISODE 3: Privacy Coins, Cocaine and Heart Attacks

with John Mcafee

BlockSpeak 3 was not expecting to land a superstar in its third week of broadcasting, but the irrepressible John Mcafee, location unknown, spoke to us from somewhere in Europe… or so he said.

For those who want to know more about McAfee the El Gringo documentary will tell you everything you will ever know… and more.

Let’s put it like this, you are unlikely to¬† ever see hammocks in the same way again.

However, McAfee is not necessarily a crazed individual who has lived the life of a pirate, he is also a Smart Corsair, he knows how to obfuscate and, having met him several times and been on his yacht, he is also an expert Svengali.

In this episode, it all starts quietly enough with McAfee coughing and spluttering his way through the interview, but then it goes haywire. First he introduces his wife, then they both tell the story of how they eluded being extradited from the Dominican Republic, back to the US where McAfee is a fugitive.

As his wife talks, McAfee drains a bottle of whisky and then proceeds to rant and ramble in the most coherent way that is hilarious, dangerous and outright entertaining.

Whether it’s cocaine-dealing in South America and ensuring that if you do mention the Chief of Police’s name when you’re pulled over with a few kilos then it had better be in your phone, or plain name-dropping, McAfee drops them all.

He may be a fan of Brad Pitt, but he doesn’t want him playing himself in a movie because he isn’t ‘crazy enough’. However, he’s happy to go along with Michael Keaton because that ‘son of a bitch is crazier than me’.

Don’t miss it, recommended viewing and not to be missed at any time, anywhere.

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