EPISODE 6: Away from Blockchain, Money is moving in Mysterious Ways with Mati Greenspan

BlockSpeak 6 features Mati Greenspan, the founder of Quantumeconomics.io, previously of eToro and a much sought-after speaker on the global conference circuit.

While Covid-19 has seen the cancellation of all conferences around the world with many predicting they may not return until 2021, if at all, Greenspan has pivoted to send out an essential-read daily newsletter about capital, crypto and finance.

Greenspan pulls no punches in this newsletter, challenging the mores of finance, offering insight and advice on all aspects of this world. He is especially prescient when it comes to trading and the way exchanges are changing and updating themselves, not least how bots and not humans are now running the show.

In this conversation with Monty Munford, Greenspan explains the way that money flows in and out of blockchain and the potential ways where it may end up. For those who only know blockchain as a buzzword, Greenspan explains it in plain English and its new place in the global financial system.

The blockchain is the technology underlying the Bitcoin digital currency, but blockchain also refers to any public or private technology that provides smart contracts to ensure transparency and a more efficient way of money moving through technologies.

While it may not be a panacea in a pandemic, blockchain is a technology that may presage Internet 2.0, a world free of scammers and snake-oil sales hustlers and the internet that the pioneers originally hoped for.

Not everybody is a believer, anybody can set up a blockchain, so it may be a good or a bad blockchain, but the debate is expected to play out to maximum effect as 2020, and the pandemic that defines it, continues its weird and not-so-wonderful way.

Greenspan may not have all the answers, but he addresses the questions in an honest and transparent way, something this is crucial in these hallucinogenic days of truth and lies.

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