EPISODE 7: Why is Switzerland leading the world in Crypto Regulation? with Olga Feldmeier

BlockSpeak 7 focuses on the thorny issue of crypto regulation and where things currently stand in this murky and unpredictable area.

In this interview with Smartvalor CEO Olga Feldmeier, we find out where Switzerland stands in this world and it’s higher and more engaged than many might think. Based in Zug near Geneva, in so-called Crypto Valley, Feldmeier is gung-ho about the country’s positioning within crypto.

While other European countries such as Malta, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein style themselves as blockchain ‘islands’ or similar, Feldmeier points out Switzerland’s history as one of the immovable centers of capital and money.

Whether it was the reputation as a country where anybody’s money could be stashed and hidden in a Swiss bank amount, Feldmeier explains that the country has moved on to become a pioneer in crypto, with support from across the country’s regulation sector.

A star on the conference circuit, where she was a real crypto queen and not like the infamous villain of the crypto world, Feldmeier is one of the few women in crypto who wields real power and not like the pantomime figures who dominate.

Feldmeier is unique, not just because she is a woman in this market, but because she shares a birthday with our interviewer Monty Munford, celebrated two years ago at Money2020 in Amsterdam.

While that occasion was celebrated with early-morning champagne and the world of crypto regulation is not a subject that is completely rock n’ roll, this interview lays out the complicated future of crypto regulation and why it is something to celebrate.

Zug is the home of Ethereum and it is no surprise that a cluster of crypto companies has formed in this town near Geneva. Feldmeier talks about why her company Smartvalor is making a huge contribution to the future of cryptocurrencies.

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