EPISODE 10: Crypto is the biggest Wealth asset in History with Richard Heart

BlockSpeak 10 is probably the most controversial of all our video podcasts to date where we feature Richard Heart, the dividing figure of crypto and the CEO of Hex.

When he first appears on screen, Heart looks like the Phantom of the Opera, his face wreathed in shadow adjacent to a crystal chandelier that looks like the best Zoom background during lockdown.

The background, however, is a real one although Heart refuses to disclose where he is and, like the Phantom Of The Opera himself, he certainly looks like a creature of the night and somebody who doesn’t come out of his bunker very often.

That’s not surprising. In the interview Heart reveals that he much prefers bots to humans and that lockdown has made no difference to him; he doesn’t go out very often anyway.

The reason for Heart’s divise reputation is whether he is a force for crypto good or a clever scammer who preys on all of crypto’s greed and speculation.

As the conversation continues, Heart becomes more persuasive and warms up to the subject.

Whether it is discussing the plot of the ‘plague’ movie Contagion and the untimely death of Gwyneth Paltrowe (and her subsequent scalping during the post-mortem) or the soul of his Hex project, there appears to be a transparency to his words.

In this divided world where everything seems to be split 50/50 between widely disparate opinions, this interview will probably please both Heart-lovers and Heart-haters.

While BlockSpeak never comments on the viability of projects or otherwise, we like our listeners to listen and find out for themselves.

Vampire or victim, you decide. The only thing that is certain is that lockdown makes no difference to Richard Heart’s already-lockdown life and that you won’t be seeing him at a Black Lives Matter rally any time soon.

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