EPISODE 13: Great Crypto Marketing tips from the Mainstream with Brian Solis

In BlockSpeak 13 we move away from the figures of crypto and blockchain into another space far away from these new necromancies and futures.

Brian Solis is one of the world’s foremost experts on marketing and is a world-famous author on the subject. His presence at a conference is a huge draw to the audience and his love of the subject is clearly evident.

By nature an optimist, Solis is an inspiring figure with a huge following on social media and is cited by many of the world’s leading companies and personalities as a huge benefit to their progress and career.

Solis’s career itself has not been short of starlight either. In this interview he recalls many of the crazy years in tech with some of the world’s most famous people in tech, Hollywood and beyond. There is far too much to tell her, just give the podcast a listen.

More pertinently, Solis has many lessons for those in the crypto space and how they should market their products. He is well aware of the negative connotations of how people perceive cryptocurrencies and has clear words of advice on how these negatives can turn into positives.

Whether it’s dealing with scammers or false prophets, Solis has been around long enough to tell a charlatan from a champion and he counsels on how to tell the difference. Rather like our previous edition that talks about mining and all that glitters is not gold, Solis points out several ways to tell a shiller from a scammer from a soul.

Marketing is not something that can be learnt in a day, it is a process of learning that begins with study and continues with learning and listening as well as watching and taking it all in.

In this case, listening to Solis is a masterclass in marketing that will have huge benefits for anybody in the crypto or blockchain space.

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