EPISODE 16: What Exactly is Hard Wallet? with Bobby Lee

Bobby Lee is a true believer in crypto who wants the world to know about it and his whole modus operandi is by making it easier for them to do so.

Lee is all about wallets and his irritation about why crypto is so difficult to understand and operate when it comes to the new user. The idea of 40-character long private and public keys is confusing to anybody who has no idea about cryptography, so his product was designed to make it a walk in the park.

In this interview, Lee gives a quality almost YouTube tutorial about how to turn on and operate his wallet using a heavy metal-based ‘credit card’, a downloaded app and a QR code.

The customer downloads the Ballet app using the QR code that comes nicely wrapped in the mail via the Post Office and then using unique codes and some card-scratching, the app is now uniquely installed. It’s like KYC and a bank account in five seconds.

After the initial and extremely dangerous ‘first wave’ of wallets where many used pen and paper to remember their private and public keys, then the really stupid who then saved these keys on their computers, the Ballet app seems like a way forward.

Moreover, those who do have the app installed after this easy process, it’s easy to receive and send crypto as well as cash out whenever the need applies. 

As the world’s currencies and stock markets look set to enter another stage of negative volatility where pensions and more are all set to come under threat, the Ballet app may provide some security at an uncertain time.

For those who are sometimes too worried to have any financial exposure on their mobile phones, the Ballet app may be a great first dance for the security- and crypto-conscious.

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