EPISODE 19: Crypto will last longer than COVID-19 with John Mcafee

After his two previous appearances on BlockSpeak 3 and BlockSpeak 8 that ranged from the incomprehensible to full-on crazy to searing invective, John McAfee reveals where he has been holed up during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking from the Belarus capital of Minsk, which fortunately doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the US, McAfee is in reflective and analytical mood as he derides the global response to the virus and why Governments are using Covid-19 as an excuse to control people and their movemtents. Unsurprisingly he is supportive of the Belarus approach and that is to continue playing football matches with spectators and to treat it as another type of flu.

McAfee is in playful mood, swapping jokes with host Monty Munford and the two of them talking away about the problems of the world as if they were in a bar in downtown Minsk or anywhere in the world.

But this episode has a serious side as well. McAfee is often portrayed as a mad old fool who is playing games with law enforcement because he needs something to spur him on.

It should not be forgotten that with his Ghost coin protocol, McAfee is still a very serious evangelist for crypto and why its decentralized nature is, er, central, to his philosophy that people should be free of state control.

He was also one of the first innovators of the internet and his knowledge of another type of virus, the one that infects computers, is infinitely more valuable than his opinions of Covid-19.

The McAfee anti-viral software is still installed on millions of computers around the world and it is revealing that when he is asked if ‘he is still rich’ after all those years on the run, his response is an emphatic yes.

Here, on his third appearance on the show, McAfee reveals his quieter, more intellectual and jovial side, it’s really worth a good listen.

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